Milomix brings video production, post-production and music production together in one versatile Bay Area media house. For over a decade Milomix has collaborated with local and national clients—from non-profits to business enterprises to artists and musicians—to tell their stories and create authentic marketing products with heart and soul.

Post Production: "Evolve - A Woman's Journey"
Creative through Post: Will Finch music video "Graffiti"
Editorial: Behind the Scenes "Gorta" Irish Famine Story
Creative through Post: "The Meaning of Love" by John Hamlon - Educational series
Shoot through Post: Freddy Clarke music video "I Phone, Therefore I Am"
Chris, Pat Workman & Pam Finch on-location in Berkeley, CA
Will Finch music video: ready to rig, tow and shoot!
DP Norman Bonney shooting in Broadway Tunnel, SF
Shoot through Post: Clarence Jones at Omega Boys Club
Creative through Post: Tota Pulchra Live concert series
Creative through Post: Immaculate Heart Radio Marketing Promo
DP Matt Clarke - IHR Radio marketing media shoot
Creative through Post: Anna Maria Mendieta - Tango del Cielo Documentary
Tango Composer Pablo Ziegler interview for Tango del Cielo Documentary


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