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Creative Services

From concept to completion

From a germ of an idea to execution—sussing out a concept, coming up with a storyline, assembling a crew, shooting the video, all the way through editing—Milomix can manage your entire video project. We are able to cull the very best from a vast network of professionals gathered over our many years in business. We’re able to work within a variety of budget constraints and our crews are collaborative and professional, and always uphold Milomix’s high standards of both deliverable and customer experience.

Post Production

Known for his versatility and easy-going nature, owner and editor Chris Miloslavich utilizes Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools to tell your story regardless of the narrative style you are looking for. Because of Chris’ background in both video and sound editing, he’s adept at integrating the two. Milomix loves projects where music and story must work together and believes picture and sound should work in perfect harmony. So when the audio side of your story is just as important as the visual, call on Milomix.


Once an audio guy always an audio guy. Chris began his career in a recording studio and still finds it his favorite room to collaborate, capture and create. And he loves to mix it up as far as music styles go. Please visit the audio page for examples of his work.