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Chris Miloslavich

Chris Miloslavich

Milomix Founder and Executive Producer Chris Miloslavich is a seasoned professional in the Bay Area production world. A versatile editor with years of experience in video and audio production, Chris mixes artistry with professionalism to tell his client’s stories.


A lifelong devotee of music, Chris started down the media path via a broadcasting course at City College of San Francisco on the advice of then-DJ Howie Klein. For the first time in Chris’ life, he became a curious and straight-A student, and a lifelong passion was born.

Chris’s professional career began as an audio post-production engineer at Robert Berke Sound in San Francisco. The greatest lesson he learned at Berke was to make the client experience an enjoyable one while maintaining the highest of production standards. This is a philosophy that Milomix still lives by.

Where “milomix” Came From

During a great period of radio in San Francisco when “New Wave” was taking off, Chris was creating custom music mixes for the SF radio station KQAK, “The Quake.” The production director called him “Milo” for short, which is where the name “Milomix” eventually came from. In those days, analog production consisted of ¼-inch and 2-inch audio tape, razor blades and splicing blocks.

Editing with Avid Media Composer

Freelancing his way through the ’90s, Chris found himself in many roles, including post-production supervisor, producer, production coordinator and audio engineer.  Eventually he narrowed his focus to the skill of editing—his natural choice.  By then, Avid non-linear technology was becoming a viable editing solution and seemed the perfect fit for Chris to expand into video editing while incorporating his audio background into the process.

Milomix Post was Born

Milomix was formally founded as a video and audio post-production company in 2003. These days, Milomix takes on production and post-production projects from marketing media for commercial and non-profit organizations to music videos to documentaries.

Our attitude toward every project is identical: to exceed our client’s expectations while creating a positive experience.

Depending on the size and scope of a project; days, weeks or months can be what it takes to go from concept to completion. So we’re committed to assembling a team that will create an enjoyable process for all involved. We pride ourselves in always being able to find the common ground where our client’s vision and our expertise combine to create the best possible product.

In the End, Video is About Storytelling

The key is in deciding how to tell the story. Our favorite moments are realizing that our process of collaboration, capture and creation has left our client feeling great about having chosen to work with us. We always strive to exceed your imagination.