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Shari Plunkett – CEO, First Resort Pregnancy Clinics, SF Bay Area

I have hired Chris to create numerous multi-media pieces for the non-profit I run. Chris is exceptionally talented creatively, and several times I have given him a very difficult concept to visualize via video (DVD) and audio (CD) and he has met my expectations each time. Forgive me for stereotyping, but “creative types” can often be difficult to work with. Chris is a true professional and his calm demeanor, no matter what I’ve thrown at him, has made me his true fan. He goes the extra mile for his clients! The last project we worked on together started with me calling him on the Friday morning of a three day weekend telling him I needed to make a pitch for $4.7M on Wednesday. “I have this idea,” I said. He took my idea and ran with it, and five days later, I had a product in my hands that far exceeded my expectations! I’m not suggesting anyone would want to work under pressure like this, but I absolutely wanted this done. I knew it would take my presentation to another level, and Chris pulled it off better than I ever imagined. I recommend him highly and without any reservation to you. You will get not only a great creative end result, but true value for your money!