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Tota Pulchra

Tota PulchraMary is celebrated through 1,700 years of music sung in 9 different languages as the “Tota Pulchra, the ‘All Fair’, an ideal of beauty artists have always sought to reproduce … where human beauty encounters the beauty of God.” (Benedict XVI).

This collection of music features world-class harpist Anna Maria Mendieta, mezzo-soprano Lilliane Cromer, Soprano Frances Peterson, guitarist Jerry Cortez and more. Recorded and co-produced by Russell Bond at The Annex in Menlo Park, CA. Co-producer Chris Miloslavich says “this was the most amazing series of recording sessions I’ve ever been a part of. Every artist was at the top of their game. I was a bit sad when recording was complete because it had been such a treat just listening to each take!”