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Due to the pandemic and some of the cast and crew located in India and Rwanda, I wasn’t able to do in-person interviews, so using Zoom I captured the many stories and assembled a 26-minute “Making Of” video. With all the material that was captured, it could have easily been a 60-minute piece. What I was impressed with most was the “heart” of all involved. Everyone working on this for free and grateful to be part of this experiment. For many, it was welcome creative outlet while being under shelter-in-place orders.
[warning: some explicit language]

A special “Making-of” episode showcasing the behind the scenes production of DISCONNECTED. Learn the story behind the story from concept creation, to team buy-in, writing the show with conscious attention to topical events, remote production and directing, and quick editing turnaround; all within a week’s timeframe under quarantine. DISCONNECTED is a weekly, experimental drama series shot by the actors and produced remotely, while under countrywide quarantine orders in USA, INDIA, UK, and RWANDA. A new episode will be available every week. “In the midst of a global pandemic, a group of friends from around the world reconnect while managing the new challenges in front of them.” Created by Matthew Leutwyler & Anton Laines.