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Video Archive

Archive – Marketing – David Lynch – Digi Design User Profile

One in a series - this is one of Chris' favorites since not only does David Lynch always keep things interesting, but DP Wes Dorman makes the most of every shoot he's on and again give Chris fantastic choices in the edit suite. Here we get a peak into the filmmaker's post production workflow using Pro Tools.


Producer: Mark Kirchner – Avid Technical Marketing

DP: Wes Dorman

Editor: Chris Miloslavich

Archive – Non-Profit Marketing – Omega Boys Club

This video was something we produced using already shot material along with some new footage to promote the work of Omega - now known as Alive & Free. A side-story: Dr. Marshall and Chris go way back as he was Chris' 9th grade math teacher at Aptos Junior High in San Francisco. Chris always had him as one of his top two teachers ever. Omega has been doing amazing work with boys and girls for over 25 years helping them to stay Alive & Free. For more information please visit: www.stayaliveandfree.org.

A Milomix Production

Director: Haydn Reiss, Chris Miloslavich

DP: Matt Clarke

Editor: Chris Miloslavich

Archive – Corporate – AT&T “Legends”

This sample clip goes back a ways, but a nice example of creative idea from director David Rathod for an internal marketing piece for the AT&T sales team.



Producer: AT&T Communications

Director: David Rathod

Editor: Chris Miloslavich

Archive – Corporate – Cisco “Raceway”

Also from the archives and going back several years, director Scott Compton shows his creativity in this corporate piece for Cisco. Shot at Sear Point Raceway in Sonoma, CA.



Director: Scott Compton

DP: Norman Bonney

Editor: Chris Miloslavich

Archive – Marketing – Digi Design User series – Rae Dileo profile

Going back to SD pre-16:9! An example of a faster paced marketing piece that Chris always enjoys editing.



Producer: Mark Kirchner, Digi Design Technical Marketing

DP: Wes Dorman

Editor: Chris Miloslavich

Archive – Music video – Grandma’s Killer Fruitcake – Dr. Elmo

Now this way goes back to about 1992 or so! On this piece Milomix was starting to produce video and had an amazing crew for this whacky piece filmed in Larkspur, CA. An interesting side-story: on a trip to North Lake Tahoe when Chris was about 14 years old, he discovered "Elmo & Patsy" playing in a casino lounge. Drawn to Elmo's bands' fantastic bluegrass picking, Chris and his brother would sneak in to listen until they got kicked out. Many years later Chris and Elmo became friends during Chris' live sound mixing days. The Fruitcake video was a blast to shoot and included a pig's head and a stuffed Possum. For more information on Dr. Elmo, please visit: www.drelmo.com.

A Milomix Production

Director: Thomas Draudt

DP: Tim Metzger

Gaffer: Power & Light – Mike Van Dine

Editor: Dick Foster